Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the Digital Marketing Techniques that is very important for digital marketers, website owners because it considers your site to appear in the search results when someone asks a query for which you have the solutions.

It is the process of optimizing your website to get organic & unpaid traffic from the SERPs and it also increases the website’s visibility as well as website ranking in the SERP. It is a great tool for businesses, but you have to make sure that you are aware of the best trends and tips that are coming in 2021 because having these trends & tips will help you to stay ahead of all of your competition.

SEO Trends & Tips in 2021

Here are some of the top trends as well as tips that you need to know in 2021, such as:

  • Optimize Your Content For Featured Snippet:
    Through Featured Snippets, Google has delivered a better search experience for its users. Featured Snippets give the short & additional information about the product or service that they are searching in the search engine. If you don’t have snippets on your website, then you need to make it because these are now dominating the search results and these are found at the top of the SERP result, above paid & organic results.
    Featured Snippet generates higher click-through-rates compared to traditional organic results. Optimizing your content for featured snippets will help you to build more visibility on SERP as well as help for building your website branding.
    To make your website more attractive, you need to answer the most commonly asked questions in your featured snippet.
  • Secure Your Website:
    Secure your website is another tip for boosting your SEO in 2021. If you want to keep your customers confident in your website, then you have to make your page secure. It is very important to ensure that you are using HTTPS so that your customers can see the page i.e secure and while using the website, they will feel safe. If they see the ‘’Not Secure’’ warning, then they are going to find another website which will lead to a high bounce rate.
  • Include Voice Search Optimization:
    Now-a-days the voice search is the latest entry in SEO trends. If you don’t have a voice search on your website, then you need to make it because these are now dominating the search results. Almost 70% of search query requests to Google assistance are expressed in natural language, not in typical keywords that people type in the web search.
    Make sure that you are using long-tail keywords which are very specific because users want an accurate answer to their question.
  • Mind Your Website Page Speed:
    It is a very common thing that no one loves a website which takes a lot of time for loading. Having great content on your website becomes meaningless if your site doesn’t load quickly. That’s why Page load speed is an important ranking factor in SEO. Make sure that your website loads quickly and it should load within a few seconds. You can also check the speed of your site on Google Page Speed Insights.
  • Include Video For High Encouraging Conversion:
    The best SEO trend in 2021 is including high-quality videos on your website which are going to be used as a great source of information and help to encourage conversions. There are lots of people who are going to watch a video rather than read an article, so make sure that you are doing this. Having videos on your website means getting more traffic.
  • Use Of Other Search Engine:
    Google is the best search engine because it is constantly updating its platform for improving the user experience. But there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo that some people regularly use. So you need to ensure that you are using them. You can’t neglect them because you never know which of your clients are using them. You should try to keep all of your optimizations clean, simple and organized according to other search engines’ standards so that you have a good rating.

You need to follow these trends & tips so that you would beat all of your competitions & also it will help you to grow your business, increase your organic traffic and also attract the customers to your website.