Using Hashtag in your posts means boost your business’s reach as well as highlight your posts. Hashtags are preceded by a hash sign (#).

Social Media users put Hashtags in their posts to categorize them in a way that makes it easy for others to find & follow them about a specific topic or theme.

Hashtags are great way to build your company’s brand, boost your marketing campaigns & also keep in touch with your targeted audience.

5 Tips For Using Hashtags Strategy on Social Media

There are basically 4 types of hashtags on social media.

  • Brand Hashtags
    Brand hashtags are specially used for general branding, promotions, events, contests. The main aim to create an effective brand-specific hashtag is to ensure that there is no one who are using the same hashtag. It has to be unique and specific.
  • Campaign Hashtags
    Campaign Hashtags are used for initiating your campaign & also help to gain more social media attention, engagement, drive traffic for a specific campaign & give them a chance to get discounts or win prizes.
  • Content Hashtags
    Content Hashtags are the hashtags which are related to your products, services, market or area of expertise. With this hashtags, you can expose your brand to potential customers on those social media platforms who weren’t previously familiar with your brand.
  • Trending Hashtags
    Another great way to boost your brand awareness is using existing hashtags & trending hashtags that have grown popular among millions of users & also have the trend on social media.

Here are Some Tips to Help you use Hashtags on Your Social Media Profiles.

Know Your Platform

First of all you should know your platform & also the numbers and types of hashtags are acceptable in that platform. Each platform has an acceptable number of hashtags that you should remember.

In Facebook, it is better to use fewer hashtags. You can use one or two hashtags. In Twitter, you only have 280 characters. You can use 30 hashtags in post & 10 hashtags in story. Also use most trending hashtags and related hashtags in posts.

In Instagram, you can use multiple hashtags. This platform enables maximum 30 hashtags in one post.

When you know your platform, you also know how many hashtags are acceptable in one post. This will help you increase your brand awareness & engagement. .

Create Specific Hashtags

If you want a hashtag that focus on your business & target more audience, you need your hashtags to be specific.

By using specific hashtag and brand related hashtag you will drive in more credible leads for your business.

It is important that you use more specific and targeted hashtags to obtain better traffic for your business and also have the opportunities that your audience will have to see you. By using specific hashtags, you will gain more qualified leads for your business.

Make Your Hashtag Easy to Remember

If you want people to use your hashtags, then the hashtags should be easy to remember. If your hashtags are too long & complicated, then people will not remember them as well as use them.

It is very important to keep your hashtags short & simple and also related to your services. So that your audience will have easy to remember.

By creating hashtags that are easy to remember and use, you will see better results with your campaign as well as extend the brand’s reach on social media.

Hashtag at The Right Time

Adding hashtag means adding value to your posts. It is very important that you only use hashtags when they are appropriate at a particular time. No need to add hashtags in every posts.

It is more important to focus on delivering related hashtags than trying to deliver a hashtag on every post. Your posts will perform better when you focus on quality rather than quantity of hashtags.

Keep Hashtag Trends in Mind

There are many hashtags or topics that are trending on social media. Adding trending hashtags or topics in your posts means increase your brand awareness and reach on social media.

Trending hashtags are a great opportunity to reach new leads and increase conversions. You can promote your business as well as find your targeted audience in a unique way while using these hashtags.